What is BioEnergy

The term energy medicine is interchangeable with bio-energetic medicine. Energy medicine is the concept of viewing and treating the body from an energetic rather than a purely chemical perspective.

Bio-Energetics is the study of energy transfer and relationships between all living systems.  As the body is exposed to toxins, viruses, emotional stress, etc... the tissue's normal electromagnetic frequency becomes abnormal.   When the energetic imbalance is left undetected, undesirable chemical changes begin in the tissues.  As the imbalance continues, chronic and degenerative dis-eases such as arthritis and cancer can occur.

When considering the electrical nature of the heart and brain, it is obvious that the body is electrically controlled, rather then chemically controlled. True preventative medicine is possible as the electrical energy field and the electromagnetic energy pathways of the body can now be tapped for information with energy medicine testing modalities.

Today, we can assess energetic imbalances or pre-dis-ease conditions in the bio-energetic imbalance stages rather then after the cellular or chemical changes have taken place.  At this stage the condition can be reversed before symptoms appear.  This is the very essence of modern medical science.



Clinical pearls for clinical practitioners.

"I am continually reviewing the manuals that I received in the classes.  I also take the information the computer gives and build the story for one example:  My last client kept pulling CQ10, RNA/DNA and Folic Acid on foundational remedies.  I looked at the Rx meds he was on:  Depahott, Zyprexa to deplete the bodies reserve of CQ10 and Folic Acid, which if severe enough messes up DNA/RNA transcription.  So instead of looking at just the products to give I understood the WHY behind all of it.  Every time I attend one of your classes, I get a new group of clients that need exactly what I have learned.  

Nancy Despres, RN. MBE, Michigan