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Academy of BioEnergetics...
is a member of the following associations.

American Association Integrated Medicine
National Health Federation
American Holistic Health Association
American Alternative Medical Association

Students are encouraged to participate.

"The training at the Academy has given me a greater knowledge and level of understanding of: excitotoxins, enzymes, heavy metals, parasites, the 5 Chinese elements, hormones, emotional release work, building a case history or the "client's story" and a broader usage of products and frequencies.

Before attending the Academy my philosophy was to find a detoxifier, drainer, herbal, and glandular and shove the client out the door in the hope that something would work.  After attending the Academy, I look beyond the symptoms to discover the main issue for the illness being experienced.  With that core issue exposed I assist the client to regain their health.  

The world is no longer "black and white" but shades of many colors waiting to be discovered and explored.  Thus my view of the realm of the healing arts has expanded in possibilities from the size of a small house, to the size of the universe."

Gordon Slack, MBE