In theory, you wouldn’t think that there would be anything wrong with GMOs. After all, what’s wrong with growing more foods faster, bigger, and free of pests? To be blunt: Everything. You can’t interfere with a natural process without expecting unnatural results.

Here are a few things that happen to our bodies when we sacrifice health for convenience:

1) GMO foods are produced in monocultures, or environments free of weeds and any other plant life other than the product. To maintain this environment, food producers use large quantities of the herbicide Glyphosate, and the more the plants resist it, the more of it gets used. When it inevitably finds its way into the foods we consume, Glyphosate can disrupt the proper function of our endocrine system – the system that regulates metabolism, growth, development, tissue function, sexual function, sleep, and mood.

2) GMO foods are also produced in an environment free of any and all bugs due to high levels of pesticides. It might not be the greatest thing to think about when you take a bite of your food, but bugs are a natural part of the ecosystem our food is grown in (and, hey, that’s why we wash our food before we eat it right). The price we pay for food that has never seen a single bug is exposure to a laundry list of pesticidal chemicals that can damage our nervous system and increase our risk for cancer.

3) Now, these herbicides and pesticides are necessary to produce GMO foods because these foods have been crossbred to produce food that grows faster, bigger, and sweeter – something that nature itself seems bent on attacking with all the plants and animals it can to stop it. The toxic slew that is produced to protect these genetically modified organisms ultimately causes oxidative stress, meaning that GMOs block antioxidants from detoxifying the body. Among the innumerable amount of problems this can cause, it can harden your arteries and stop your heart.

The pesticides that kill the bugs punch holes in their digestive system, which it also does to us.  Then the results are all these allergies we are seeing in people today.  Almost all packaged food has GMO corn in it and people have been getting this for years without knowing it. Now we see this overwhelming Gluten intolerance.  I don't think it has been proven that this is part of the problem, but I believe that is what I am seeing in my clients


H ere are some things you can do to end these GMOs’ history of rampaging through your body.

1) Trust the Labels: It remains to be seen how exactly these companies will label their genetically modified food, but Non-GMO foods are proudly labeled as such. Similarly, look for products labeled USDA Organic. This label ensures you that the food was produced in a natural environment free of herbicides and pesticides.

2) Eat the Seeds: Grape seeds, that is. We’ve grown so accustomed to buying seedless grapes (a genetically modified food) that we often feel burdened by having to eat grapes and spit out the seeds. Solution: eat the seeds too. It makes for a crunchier texture and grape seeds contain procyanidins that can loosen up hardened arteries.

3) Drink the Tea: Maybe you’ve been put off by the natural earthiness of green tea’s flavor, but trust us. Once you get past that flavor, you can almost feel your arteries becoming unclogged as you gain more energy and become more active (bonus tip: Getting Chai Green Tea adds spices to the tea that can increase CoEnzyme-Q absorption).

4) Do not eat packaged food, stay away from corn of any kind. I do believe you are okay with Blue Chips.  Do not use Canola Oil, use Coconut instead. Zucchini is now GMO and Soy products. Both Golden rice and flood resistant rice have now been genetically modified to contain high levels of vitamin A. However Daily China reported about the serious environmental and health issues such as increase in allergies related to GMO rice.

What is Happening to our Food

1) Most of all the corn produced in America are genetically modified. Corn can be found is almost every processed foods in forms of high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, corn starch, corn oil and corn meal. Many food products such as many breakfast cereals, infant formula, salad dressing, bread, cereal, hamburgers, mayonnaise, veggie burgers, meat substitutes, soy cheese, tomato sauce, crackers, cookies, chocolate, candy, fried food, protein powder, baking powder, alcohol, vanilla, powdered sugar, peanut butter, ice cream, frozen yogurt, tofu, tamari, soy sauce, enriched flour and pasta have high levels of GMO corn. GMO corns have been related to infertility, tumors, and increase in food allergies

2) Papaya was first genetically modified in Hawaii and introduced to the market in 1999. Genetically modified papayas aren’t approved in Europe however 50% of papayas that are from Hawaii are genetically modified. Also majority of bananas in the US are genetically modified.

The Canadian export of honey was banned to Europe after the honeybees in Canada were feeding off of GMO canola. In US 75% of honey you find in the grocery stores are made of high fructose corn syrup with no nutritional value. If you’re looking for non-GMO honey you should buy Local organic raw honey.

3)  GMO alfalfas are treated with Monsanto’s Roundup ready that have been related to many health problems including a mysterious organism. This new organism can cause disease in crops, increase infertility and potentially harm the US food supply.

4) GMO salmon grows a lot faster than wild salmon and it grows twice as size. AquAdvantage is the GMO salmon that can be grown as farmed fish. Many environmentalists and scientists are worried that GMO salmon could have negative impact on the environment and mutate over time. Wild salmon is the low- mercury salmon and best for consumption.

Personally, I wouldn't eat anything coming from the ocean of coastal Alaska right now.

5) US, Brazil and Argentina are the three main exporters of GMO soybeans. Most cows, pigs and chickens are fed GMO corn and soy with the exception of the ones that are certified organic or grass fed.

6) Most dairy products in US are produced from animals that have been injected with rBGH growth hormones and antibiotics. rBGH growth hormones and antibiotics can increase the chances of breast and prostate cancer, allergies and make body more resistant to antibiotics.

7) Most vegetable oils used in production of processed foods are genetically modified. Cotton seed oil, corn oil and soy oil are mostly genetically modified and produced in US, India and China. Also most canola crops in Canada have also been genetically modified. Both GMO cottonseed oil, GMO canola oil (rapeseed oil) are genetically modified to be resistant to pesticides. Before genetic modification, canola oil or rapeseed oil was too bitter to be used in foods.

8) Squash was genetically modified to become more resistant against viruses and bacteria. However the cucumber cockroaches love to feed on GMO squash and start wounding the leaves and leaving open holes in them. The cockroaches’ feces get absorbed into the stem of genetically modified squash and cause bacterial diseases. Some experts also believe that GMO squash have been blended into the wild plant and that might increase the chances of new pathogens and bacterial diseases.

9) GMO tomatoes are banned in Europe but many tomatoes have been genetically modified in US. Tomatoes are genetically modified to last longer and not get rotten quickly. GMO tomatoes have been related to premature death in lab rats.

10) Federal Judge Halts Planting of GM Sugar Beets for now. Despite the halt, earlier last year the USDA gave farmers a permit to grow Roundup Ready pesticide resistant sugar beets. Now 85% of sugar beets planted in the US are GMOs.

11) More than 90 percent of soybeans grown in the United States are genetically modified. GMO Soy compounds can block normal estrogen; disrupt endocrine function, cause infertility, increase the chances of allergies and breast cancer. Soy can also cause vitamin B12 deficiencies and interfere with protein digestion. GMO soy can be found in pastries, soy tofu, soybean oil, soy milk, soy flour, soy protein, soy lecithin, soy beverages and many famous infant formulas. In fact GMO rats that were fed GMO soy had higher rate of death and infertility. GMO foods can wreak havoc on your blood vessels, arteries, and digestion which can be the cause of a whole host of health problems.

If you really want to be happy and be healthy, eat real food, not the modified products.