Dr. Zenia Richler, DBE, NMD, FAAIM

As the founder of the Academy of BioEnergetics, Dr. Zenia Richler is the Academy's primary instructor and has written all the manuals based on her many years of clinical experience.

As a pioneer in the use of bio-energetic computer screening techniques, Dr. Richler has treated thousands of clients during her thirty seven year practice.  From her first hand knowledge and experience, Dr. Richler shares with her students how she worked four days a week, never advertised and produced a yearly income
of six figures.  

Dr. Richler still maintains an active practice and serves on the board of the American Association of Integrated Medicine.

Jan Booth, MBE, NMD

Academy Administrator, Jan Booth is also trained in bio-energetics and naturopathy, including botanicals and homeopathy.  Jan began her career as an emergency room nurse, was an operating room scrub nurse, circulating nurse and a medication nurse. Holding degrees in both computer science and business administration, Jan
is a valued resource.